We already have the “Instrument of work” for the Chapter!

With our backpacks full of contributions from all the Vedruna communities to the XXVII General Chapter, we arrived in Rome from four continents: Lucy Mhatara, Teo Corral, Noeli Maria Massoni, and Maria Luisa Solaun, to prepare the document – the Instrument of Work.

Not all of us knew each other, but after the embraces, the warm welcome of the General Team and community, and with our Vedruna family spirit, we entered into communication and we started our work. Read the rest of this entry »

From the refugee camp

Since the month of April 2017, we have our house in Bambari a sub prefecture of the prefecture of Ouaka, in the Republic of Central Africa.  We are two Vedruna sisters, Agnes Lele from Congo-Africa and Nisha D’Souza from India, staying here together in this house, where we lack many facilities…even to the extent of not having a cupboard where to put our clothes…JRS seems to think that the Vedruna Sisters can put up with any difficulty…Yet, in spite of all these difficulties, all is well…

Central Africa is one of the poorest countries of the world. We work here with displaced migrants who have fled their country because of war. We are mainly dedicated to education.  We are working with the displaced people of the same country… Every day, we go to monitor the activities in the school. We have no electricity. The water problem at the moment is manageable because it is the rainy season. People are busy in their fields. Read the rest of this entry »

INDIA: Final Vows

For everything we give thanks to God. This song has been on our lips this month as we thank God for our nine young sisters who said their final YES to the Lord, committing themselves to follow him all their life and be His disciple. St. Joaquina must have been very happy to see these young sisters make their final profession.




Since four of them were from Gujarat, we had the Profession in the Parish of St. Francis Xavier, Anand on the 19th of April. The people of Anand were very happy to have the opportunity to witness for the first time the Final Profession of the Vedruna sisters.  Two days later, the same celebration was held in Holy Family Parish, Mumbai where five of them made their Final Profession.

Their parents have been very generous in giving to our Vedruna family the gift of their daughter in serving the Lord and his people. We are very grateful to their parents for this precious gift.

It was a moment of sharing our family spirit and joy with so many people. We could feel the bond between us and the family members of the sisters. This was a grace filled moment and all that we can say is, “thank you Lord”.

We thank our nine young sisters: Sheela, Shital, Kokila, Dipali, Jisha, Deepika, Genevieve, Manisha and Lorina for their generosity of giving their entire life to the Lord. May they, with joy, live and proclaim Christ all their life wherever they may be. 




Some have remained there in the center. Like Bakala's parish priest and the handful of elders and handicaps who have remained there, by force, by choice. Their feet could not take the way of exile, they stayed; their hearts could not leave the people alone, they stayed. They were "the essentials". In two days the town was emptied as the guns crackled. Those who ran away, too were part of this meritorious procession of "essentials," so essential that, they ran away leaving nothing behind, since nothing had been left of their houses and burnt goods. They set out for nothing else, just to survive.

Read the rest of this entry »

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