About us · Where do we come from?
We are born from the inspiration and commitment of a woman, Joaquina de Vedruna, whom the Church today has on the podium of exemplary Christians: the altar of the saints.

She was born in the city of Barcelona in 1783, in a wealthy family of deep Christian convictions. According to the custom of the time, she got married when she was very young, to Teodoro de Mas, a man who was an heir to a large estate in Vic called the Escorial. She lived with him happily for sixteen years of marriage, from which nine children were born. She was still young -32 years old - and from then on, she gave herself in body and soul to the education of her children, who were under her sole responsibility. From this intense maternal experience, she learned the secrets of a pedagogy of personal accompaniment and love, which would inspire, years later, the Institution she founded.

Joaquina has always been a woman deeply touched by the personal experience of God; she placed herself in the hands of God and lived with an unconditional trust. St. Joaquina thought to dedicate her life totally in the silence of a monastery of contemplative life. It was Fr. Esteban de Olot, who proposed the need of gathering the young girls and starting the Congregation. "To embrace the needs of the people" in the field of the education of girls - because at that time schooling was lacking for girls, in the care of the poor and disadvantaged, and in the reception of those who lived in the Social marginalization, in a new form of religious life, unknown until then in Spain.

When she became convinced that this was a true call of God, she gave herself over to the project, starting the foundation of the new group in her own house of the Manso Escorial of Vic, on February 26, 1826.

Thus, the Congregation of Carmelite Sisters of Charity was born, today mostly known as Vedruna Sisters.