Where we are
With her desire to be recognized in her dignity and to form part of the concert of history; a land of joyful, hospitable people, with great natural wealth, yet crushed down by wars and despoiled by corruption both at home and abroad.
Are people full of life and creativity, who struggle to survive and who contemplate the deep abyss of a growing inequality; with a young church that seeks to journey with the people towards their liberation.
With her wealth of history and spirituality, birthplace of great religions, faces the challenge of an inculturated Church.

Asia, the largest and most heavily populated continent, with enormous masses marginalised and where human rights are trampled upon.
Communicator of a culture both humanistic and Christian, yet secularized by growing materialism, whose prime value is comfort and personal satisfaction; with the contrast of huge pockets of poverty that highlight the inequity. Europe today feels challenged to find itself again, rediscovering its roots and bringing to life its values.