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India: Vedruna Sisters: Being the good Samaratian
The year 2020 did not seem to start well for our World. Just a month into the year, at the end of the month of January, the corona virus was already know to the WHO. It took another three months for it to begin to spread and become a pandemic.
This virus hit India in the month of March. By the end of March, India came into a total lockdown, leaving the Country totally paralyzed in terms of economy and work especially for the labour class.
The labour class, not being able to go to work had run out of their little savings and rations because most of them earned only to be able to survive for the day.
We, the Vedruna Sisters, working in several States of India plunged into a small relief program, which invited and urged us to share and reach out to the neediest around us. Many of our communities worked individually and many others joined hands with different NGO’s so that more could be done.
By clicking on the given link, you will get a glimpse of Vedruna reaching out in different ways to the poor who were in need of immediate help.