From Zaragoza, Spain we continue to demand the right for migrants
They will not move us!
Neither the cold could, nor now, the heat has prevented us from uniting to ask for and demand the "right to emigrate"! We had to think about it, because the heat was oppressive, but when it comes to the lives of people, of individual faces and families, who have lost their lives in search of a safer situation, no effort is spared.
Faithful, at 12 noon on the morning of the 15th, Wednesday the 3rd of the month. On behalf of the Vic Foundation, together with other organizations, we have concentrated in front of the civil government of Zaragoza (Spain).
We ask for what is right:
• Safer roads.
• The right to migrate.
• Less walls and more answers.
• No dream, no drowning
Because 366 people have died so far this year.
And in the silence, once again, there is time to ask questions:
Why can't they and we can? Why do we put up barriers to what the Charter of Human Rights says we can do? Can't we move freely around the planet?
And it is becoming less and less frequent for the media to remind us of the situation in Ukraine and of so many forgotten and silenced wars.
They have the right to asylum, and we have the duty to help.
Joaquina also had to emigrate. She experienced this situation first hand: "The hardest and longest was the great exile to Perpignan. She experienced being a refugee, excluded from her homeland" (Identity and Mission No. 4.5).
That is why we want no life to be in danger. We continue our efforts.
And with this we pray: "May the Lord look upon us all with eyes of mercy and pour them out upon us". E.P, 25 YEARS
Rosa María Gurría ccv