VIFI 4th Encounter: Spirituality &Charism
VIFI 4th Encounter: Spirituality &Charism
In June 4, 2022 Younger Generation of Vedruna in the world gathered for the 4th Virtual Assembly. The encounter was blessed by Sr. Fatima Borges, CCV who gave us her reflection and experience on the Spirituality and Charism of the Congregation. Present as well our sisters from the General Team. Spirituality and Charism are two distinct words but inseparable; the same gifts of the Holy Spirit. The two gifts which were founded from the profound experience of God’s love and bear fruits to Joaquina and continue to live and make presents in the different parts of the world today.
Insights from Sr. Fatu talked;
The Spirituality of Joaquina was rooted in her humble love for God (The Trinity) and Mary that was translated into action” to work for the glory of God and the good of the neighbor” L.81. L84. The experience of God that made Joaquina go forth to the peripheries, go out to the street, to seek the needy and embrace their needs through teaching, healing and liberating. It becomes Joaquina way of life that until today; we as Vedruna called to a Synodal journey-walking together in communion, participation and mission. It is a lived experienced.
The Charism is the living gift of the Holy Spirit that continues the redemptive mission of Christ in the world. Joaquina was drawn to, moved and attracted by and chose to follow Jesus, the compassionate Face of the Father,-the Self-Emptied Jesus, who went to embrace the needs of the people; doing good to all and by living the example.- She walked the talk. Her life was a living definition of the gifts of poverty, prayer and charity.
Towards the end of the talked; we were asked to reflect if Spirituality and Charism of Vedruna is still relevant today? What is our personal relationship with Joaquina? What is our personal understanding of the Vedruna Spirituality and Charism? What steps can I take so that people may see the legacy of Vedruna Spirituality and Charism I carry out in my life?
As I was reflecting on the questions given; I felt grateful to the Lord for the gift of Joaquina. Her Spirituality and Charism are very relevant today especially on how we respond in the new faces of realities and challenges in our world and even in our religious life today. It was a nourishing and enriching experience which reminded me of who I am, how I am, and where I am now as a consecrated woman and as a Vedruna despite all my limitations. I felt joy and gratitude to be reminded and nourished with the gifts which Joaquina passed on to us. It draws me closer and admires more Joaquina to imitate her example in following the Self- emptied Jesus and be inflamed with the love of God and love for God despite my own shadows and weakness. SR. BRENDA, CCV