Vedruna Young sisters gathering

Our first day began with the morning prayer in which we invoked the Triune God and asked him to fill us with grace, enabling us to “Walk with the Youth Towards a new vocational culture.” 

The prayer was followed by the Holy Eucharist with the theme, “Communion in Diversity”.  During the Eucharist Fr. Francis Gonsalves SJ., the resource person encouraged us to have confidence when we as God for something and it will be granted to usif it is God’s will.  He also reminded us that we are chosen by God and therefore He must increase and we must decrease.

Our Session began at 9 O’clock with a welcome address by our Provincial Sr. Rani. She said that this gathering was very special as it was one that was held for the first time in our province, and so, this group was making history.  It is the young sisters who now hold the Congregation in their hands to take it ahead and carry on the Vedruna charism. 

Fr. Francis Gonsalves took over the session for the rest of the day.  He divided the whole day into four sessions.

The first session was based on “God of light amidst darkness”

He stressed on the importance of: ‘God must increase and I must decrease.’    He asked us to reflect on the question ; Who is God for me at this moment of my life?  ‘Who am I, who are we and where are we going?’

The second Session was; Vedruna animation programme

In this session he dealt with “Identity, Community and Mission

On talking about community, he encouraged us to ask for the eyes of God to look at our community.  Not just community, but communion, union of mind and heart.  We must see community as symbolic rather than a structural reality.

Mission, he said, is an invitation to think big. It is an invitation from God, and it is he wound send us out.

The first day ended with the evening prayer with an invitation to rekindle the darkness with the light of Christ.

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