Vedruna Family, we end a year...
We are invited to give thanks for what we have lived in every corner of the planet, to the whole Vedruna family, from the smallest gesture. We are preparing ourselves for a new event: the XXVIII General Chapter.
Sometimes strong, sometimes humble and always diligent, we have prayed and reflected in community and in groups on the pre-Chapter work.
During the year we have been marked by experiences of vulnerability, pain, but also of strength and life.
Today we reflect... Do we experience in them the presence of the spirit recreating life? do we feel that we are part of a big family? encouraged to change?
Now we turn our dreams, challenges and hopes into prayer and united from different continents and latitudes we invoke the spirit.
We wish you a happy new year and share with you our prayer for Chapter XXVIII!
God, our only treasure, dwelling in our
house, revealing yourself in the depth of
our hearts and in the history of the
We come before you, as Vedruna Family
asking for your help in order to prepare
ourselves to live our next General
Chapter XXVIII.
Fill us with your gifts of wisdom and
understanding. Give us a thrust to
cultivate and live in an attitude of
openness and discernment. Make us
attentive and sensitive to your gentle
Grant us the grace to listen to your Word
and discern together what the world
needs today of our Vedruna Family.
May Mary and Joaquina, our mother,
always docile to the Action of the Spirit,
accompany us.