Vedruna Communication Meeting!
On 17th, 18th and 19th July, we were gathered virtually around 35 people, for the VEDRUNA MEETING OF COMMUNICATION. Initially we had it prepared to be in person. But later, seeing the global problem that we are facing of the  COVID19 pandemic, we restructured the entire organization, transforming it into a virtual meeting.
The theme of the meeting was
There were three days sessions, lasting 2 and a half hours each day, following the dynamics of the SEE - JUDGE - ACT path. Every day our focus was:
      The reality of Vedruna Communication today: Questionnaires, challenges and resources.
      The illumination that the Charism gives us: The words that feed us
      Towards a more integrated Vedruna Family communication: steps for the future
We had the joy of having as a facilitator in the process, Patrizia Morgante, an Italian laywoman, who is responsible for digital communication at the UISG - International Union of Superiors General, with whom we experience a deep harmony.
“Thank you for facilitating the meeting. It is a good introductory experience and makes it clear that there is still a long way to go. THANK YOU!” This phrase that was said by one of the participants in the final evaluation largely reflected what was the beauty and projection of this meeting. Although we have not been able to meet personally, a synergy was generated that will undoubtedly help us to expand the walls of our Vedruna house and to make communication flow at the service of our life in mission of FAMILIA VEDRUNA in the world.