UNITED STATES. The people are in shock because we have never had or imagined such an action by our institutions

The violence and harshness of the police in recent weeks has been the result of decisions made by the government in 2001 in reaction to the attacks 9-11


They government gave much more responsibility and openness to the police forces. For example: BEFORE 9-11, if the police had suspicions of individuals or groups, they had to present their evidence to court and get an approval from the judge BEFORE acting (thus protecting civil rights). But AFTER 9-11, they changed the law, leaving much more power to the police in "deciding whether it's a dangerous situation, or against the state" and acting without seeking permission from the court.


To implement MORE surveillance, they needed more police... and so they hired thousands of young people, letting them assume authority WITHOUT sufficient preparation...


The convergence of these 3 things co-linked with the trump presidency has created this violence and confusion...


As the photos show, the reaction of the Trump government was to hide behind the fence of his yard every day, and each day it grew higher and higher. So, the people went and put signs of peace, of demands for justice, of flowers, of calls to love and be kind until the ENTIRE wall was covered! Also, the mayor of Washington DC (a woman) had her local government paint the street in front of the White House with big letters: BLACK LIVES MATTER!


The popular response has been MASSIVE, MULTI-ETHNIC, MULTI-GENERATIONAL AND PEACEFUL. The people are in shock because we have never had or imagined such an action by our institutions...


Now we begin the process of demands in the courts, demands from the people - the civilians - against the POLICE apparatus, a monstrous that has been created by fear after 9-11 and which has almost destroyed our democracy.  


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