The "soul" of the United Nations
Jean Quinn, its vibrant and lively executive director, is a Daughter of Wisdom. She lives in Ireland. She was talking about what Unanima wants to be at the UN. Nothing less than the "soul" of this world organization.

Gathered in a coalition of 22 women's congregations, animated executive director, A Sister of Notre Dame, Nonata, called together the congregations that are part of Unanima with our home in Rome.

It was an immense joy to meet! We came from many parts of the city and the language we spoke there was an incredible mix of Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese. We all understood each other - for smiles and hugs, no translation was needed!

We belonged to different "tribes", starting with the Sisters of Notre Dame, who welcomed us, the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart, the Sisters of the Holy Union, of Our Lady of Sion and us, Vedruna, and the dialogue with Jean, endearing. She was a passionate woman who identified with the mission of Unanima and from her mouth came out expressions that confirmed us on the way to empower women:

Empowering women.Raising the issue of the Homeless to the UN.Making uncomfortable conversations about gender, comfortableNot talking about us, without usImportance of the grassroots and having direct contact with them.We returned to our homes with a renewed heart, a new breath. It is the Ruah that is blowing towards the same horizon, from this same spirit, mission and hope empowered by Unanima. So that, together, we may be the "soul" of Humanity!

M.ª José Meira ccv

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