In solidarity with the suffering
Around 12.15 in the night, the wall collapsed, and the people being asleep did not realize the disaster that had taken place behind their huts. Within seconds the water had washed away the houses on its paths and killed 26 people, leaving about 100 still injured and serious in hospital.
The Parish Priest of St. Jude’s church at Malad along with some of the youth were the first to reach out in service to the people. The youth began relief work and took many of the injured to hospital.
The Parish of Malad made a request for help from other Parishes.
We read it in the News Papers every day but never understood the situation till we visited the site ourselves on the 8th, accompanied by Sr. Dolly. We were able to distributed some drinking water and breakfast to them.
It was a painful experience to talk and meet the people who had lost their loved ones and their homes.
The situation was very sad to see, they have no shelter, no roof over their heads, but also heartening and touching to see how those who still have their homes had taken in the victims and were protecting them from the rains which still continue to lash Mumbai city.
We were touched by their sincerity and concern for the affected ones, when we offered them food, if they had already received it, they sincerely refused it saying that we could give it to those who have not yet received anything. Even in their pain, suffering, distress and fear they had their hearts ready to help and protect those more in need.
Some of them shared their pain with us, and told us that they had lost everything and even their loved ones.
It helped us reflect on what we have and what God has blessed us with. We have no reason to complain because God has given us all our needs.
We keep the victims in our prayers every day so that the Lord may protect them till they are able to build them small huts again.
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