School sports day of Taruma

The Annual Sports Day of the Aitoku Vedruna School was held on the 14th of October. The original plan and arrangement for this day had to be changed due to the Typhon No. 19, which brought with it heavy rainfall that caused great damage to many parts of Japan. We prayed for the families who lost their loved ones and those who suffered loss of property.


The 14th was a bright day; the sky was blue with not a single cloud. Though it was a Thursday and a working day many parents and relatives of the students come to see their children perform. With their presence and love, each student and each class actively participated and performed their items and sport. The theme of the day was, “With joyful smiles we unite”.

The entire campus was filled with cheerful and smiling faces of our students.


The two Kindergartens of Tarumi and Shinryodai also had their Sports Day on the 11th and 13th. Many of the little ones fell on the race course but none gave up, they got up and continue a very inspiring sight indeed.


The sea and the sky visible from Tarumi had its horizon reaching the ends of the earth. We wish that all peoples may grow in their solidarity and united with the poor youth and children who do have the opportunity to be educated and receive the necessary formation in their lives.

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