Rural camp for youth
From the 31st of March to the 3rd of Abril, 24 young boys and girls were taken to Bardipada. Besides the input sessions, games and reflection, the youth were given the opportunity to spend a day and night in a family. Two youth were placed in every family, giving them the chance of seeing and experiencing what life is like with the daily chores of a family. They were asked to engage themselves in everything the family did and to observe as much as they could the life style and the things they used.
During the evaluation of their stay in the family, every youth expressed that it was a life time experience living with a family. They felt loved and accepted and were also surprised that the family was willing to accommodate a complete stranger into their home for the night. Each of them was moved to see not just the hospitality but the generosity of the family. The visit also made them realize that the city youth have everything and yet sometimes they lack happiness because they are not satisfied.
This camp was also an opportunity for us, the Jesuits and Vedrunas to show the youth our work and mission in the rural areas. They were surprised and amazed at how much our presence has done for the people and the development that has come about because of the Education offered to the children.