Province of Japan-Assembly 2022
At this time of Covid in Japan, we did a lot of discernment on whether or not to ahead with the Province Assembly. As there was not other opportune time for us to have it, we decided to go ahead with the planned date and have it both online as well as in person from 24th to 26th of August. The senior sisters who were not too well in health and needed to take precautions attended online. We had two days of sharing on some important aspects of life in our province. Taking into consideration the situation of our senior sisters we worked for two hours in the morning and two in the evening.
Some of the important points taken up:
  • Every community shared the life of their community during the past year.
  • The Provincial and Sr. Mitsue shared about the Assembly held in VIC from the 4th to the 12th of July. .
  • The sisters who participated in the course on "Spiritual Counselling" in Valladolid shared their experience and each of us listened to them with much attention and interest.
  • We had a discussion on the closing of one community and the present situation of the Kindergartens and the school in Tarumi.
Although we were in a situation of concern with Covid in Japan, we had a very positive experience of the assembly. We are truly thankful to God for the time we spent together and the hope we have in journeying together as daughters of St. Joaquina de Vedruna in the building up of Gods Kingdom.