NSS award conferred

True to the motto of NSS: ‘Not me but you’ Sr. Sweta gave her best in helping the downtrodden and needy in the adopted village of Maram community. Supported by the Principal of the College Fr. (Dr.) K.O. Sebastian, she was able to involve her volunteers and the local community in building and reparation of public toilets and water tanks as a part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Contributing to the environmental upkeep as called on by the Holy Father Pope Francis in “Laudato Si” and promoting the Shwachh Bharath Abhiyan, her volunteers made around 300 dustbins from tins an bamboos. Determined to contribute to a cleaner natural environment for all she has always propagated the usage of biodegradable dustbins made of bamboo. Seeing the plight of lakhs of people affected by the Kerala floods, she undertook a massive fund-raising campaign.

Briefly, Sr. Sweta and her NSS volunteers have worked on issues of social relevance, which keep evolving in response to the needs of the community, through regular and special camping activities. Such issues included (i) literacy and education, (ii) health, family welfare and nutrition, (iii) environment conservation, (iv) social service programmes, (v) programmes for empowerment of women, (vi) programmes connected with economic development activities, (vii) rescue and relief during calamities, etc.

Under her able leadership her unit was awarded as the best Unit of Manipur State in 2015 and Sr. Sweta was awarded as the Best NSS Programme Officer. In her tenure she has bagged 03 National Awards namely, SBSI 2018, SBSI 2019 and Best Coordinator of Red Ribbon Club.

The President congratulated all the winners and expressed being privileged that he is addressing to the service minded people. Service is very much part of our value system of our lives and it is not easy to understand “Seva Dharma” Quoting Swami Vivekanand who began his service by starting Ram Krishna Mission for Jag hitaya. This mission is serving for last 125 years and it is an inspirational model for each of us. He added saying that as we remember Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd October we recollect he too believed in service
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