Meeting of the sisters of the younger generation of the congregation
Our Chapter Document- Vedruna Family House with Open Doors, reminds us that the history of our family began with Joaquina de Vedruna. She expanded the space of her house, welcoming in it her first companions, who wanted to “Pour out their love for the Good Jesus”. This experience give us an identity and a sense of belonging (FVCPA).
On 16th January 2021, using the technology of ZOOM, we connected and had a gathering of the young sisters of our congregation who are 50 and below. Sisters from all our provinces and delegation, were connected. We had the presence of all the sisters of the general team, who accompany us and encourage in our journey. We have a good team of translators, who helped us immensely to make it possible to understand one another and to have a meaningful dialogue. We greeted one another and shared our mission and the richness of the diversity of our family.
The initial part of our meeting was divided into different blocks: moments of spirituality, greetings from the vifi promoters´ team (Vedruna-International-family-interconnected) and greetings from our sister General María Inés García. We have been working on the six projects, which were elaborated in our first meeting in Vich, (green world, Emmaus, youth at risk, family, vifi communication and migrants). In this meeting, we shared about the fruits that we have from those projects and the dreams we have of them for the future. We were divided into 19 small groups and discussed peacefully. We ended our meeting, with the words of our sisters Anna Liza from the vifi promoters´ team and María Inés, on behalf of the entire general team. They were expressions of gratitude for all the wealth shared and experienced. In the end, we concluded with the beautiful singing of the group of “Ain Karen”.
We all left very happy for that possibility of meeting, although virtually, they were moments of great benefit and gratitude.

Vifi promoters´ team

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