Meeting of the Sisters of the younger generation
On October 2nd, the third meeting of the younger generation sisters took place, virtually, where we had more than 87 connections, many sisters had connection as communities. Thesisters who were translating, the sisters of the general team who accompany us on this journey, were also present and gave their precious service.
It was a very rich moment to share our life in mission, each province was creative and full of life, presented the mission projects that are being developed and experienced in their countries. VedrunAmerica: Vedruna Youth Mission and Vocational Culture; Europe: The Antonio Machado project, welcoming migrants; Africa: Accompaniment of young people in general; Philippines: The Accompaniment Project; Japan: Welcome to migrants; India: On ecology.
At the meeting we also presented the new team that will animate our new web page (Landipage), destined to publications of videos, articles and photos, where they lead us to know and share our life on mission in the different realities that we are as a Vedruna family, from the younger generation of our congregation. The younger generation themselves will see to this page. There sis team formed for this purpose, a sister from each province and delegation is present in that team.
We ended the gathering whih was rich in spirituality in the sense of family. And we said bye with the desire to continue taking steps of commitments in the realities that we are committed to, from the Charism that Joaquina left us as an inheritance and we want her presence alive in our midst.
Vifi Commission (Vedruna international- family interconnected)