Meeting of GT/ Provincials and Delegation Teams 7th and last day of the Meeting
We reached the last day of our meeting, reflection, work and dialogues. It has been a very intense week, but it passed so quickly.
We have dedicated this last day to return to some of the topics that we discussed but the decision was pending. We came together to approve jointly the steps to be taken from now on regarding the Chapter Determinations and Agreements. We also discussed on some Secretariat issues that should be taken into account, in order to document everything properly.
Finally we evaluated this one week meeting. We all expressed our gratitude and appreciation to this timely step taken by the General Team to organize this meeting with the Provincial / Delegation Teams. It helped us - and will continue to do so - to grow in the awareness and commitment of Vedruna Family, to continue sharing the challenges, the realities, needs and possibilities of each one, each place and context. Special emphasis has been placed on the proposed methodology: inclusive, proactive and participatory. Even the training conducted by Miriam Subirana for the two days, was focused on Participative Leadership.
We finished the day with the celebration of the Eucharist of Thanksgiving, carefully prepared by a commission that has tried to integrate the experience of all that we lived and the expression of all this, from the diversity that characterizes us in each continent. To share with you all, we quote part of one of the petitions-offerings made by the sister from the province of Africa:
"We present this symbol that represents the main issues and decisions of our work: The folder in which we take everything we lived, the book with the theme of formation and our Documents, which was illuminating us these days. We want to continue walking in circularity and in communion with the whole Congregation, which is represented in our Meeting. Receive Lord, our willingness to remain steadfast in our path, weaving the life of our house".
There was the solemn sending from Mª Inés at the end of the Eucharist:
«May your God be someone you can rely on in weak and painful moments. May you know God as your rock, your refuge, your strength, your comfort and support (Ps. 94:18)
Do not be afraid of the questions that oppress your heart and your mind. May you welcome them and wait patiently for the day when you will find an answer (Mt 11:3).
May your friendship with God be strong and healthy. May His love be both comfort and challenge as you try to find the way (Jn 21:15-19)
May your spirit be open and alert to discover the will of God. May your prayer be of wisdom, guidance and deep understanding of the way of God for you and your Sisters (Lk 1:15-19)»
A warm embrace to each one of you. Thank you for supporting us with your prayers, memories and affection!
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