Meeting of General Team, Provincial / Delegation Team in Valladolid

On the days, November 22nd and 23rd, the objective of the Meeting was focused on training. We  learned together about Appreciative Leadership.


Miriam Subirana, of IDeIA (Institute of Dialogues and Appreciative Inquiry), facilitated the learning of a leadership based on appreciation, discovery and bringing out the potential that is inside each one of us, of the others, of the groups and of the situations.

In a very dynamic way and from the learning by doing, we dedicated time to share and to dialogue: personal as well as in groups through the Appreciative Inquiry. We looked for what we really want and we are passionate about; looking at all that we are and all that we have to put into practice, from the task of leading and guiding, which is entrusted to us; motivate and inspire others for a common mission, to which God has called us through Jesus of Nazareth. We are here to work for the glory of God and the good of the neighbour.

We realize that not only we need to change to be able to face the reality that surrounds us and needs to transform it, but also we need to believe that this change is possible through a change of our way of looking and take in the change. Appreciative Leadership has taught us some practical ways to initiate this process of change, and also to use the full potential of our Family and that is to be at the service of the discarded and excluded and that we may truly be a Vedruna Family House with Open Doors.
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