Meeting of General Team, Provincial / Delegation Team: 5th and 6th day

The prayer was conducted by the sisters of Philippine delegation on Global warming. Through a video, they put us in tune with the whole creation and invited us for a greater commitment to the Planet.

In the first session of the day, Sr.Ines gave some guidelines and introduced the topics of the day as Vedruna family. She focused on the Chapter Document and invited the teams for greater reflection and collaboration. Sr.Adelaida with a beautiful power point presented a reflection on  Charismatic  family, with the help of  the metaphor- Arm of  Orion.  Sr. Maria Jose Meira spoke on the theme Communication Vedruna and the importance of networking. She explained the proposal of the General team, to organize a system of communication which is integral, articulated, agile, diverse and missionary. She also explained to us what a prototype is and invited us to make a prototype for each one’s province and delegation. In the last session Mitsue  Shirahama presented the chapter determinations and resolutions. We ended the day with the Eucharist prepared by the Philippine delegation.


We began the 6th day with the prayer prepared and well presented by the Province of India focused on peace, on the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of his birth.

During this day we have worked and reflected, with the continuation of the previous day, on the concretion that the General Team of the Determinations and the Chapter Resolution. They put forward some suggestions in order to enrich the work that we have already began, that is: Formation, Education, Identity and Mission, Mission with Youth and Sisters of younger generations.

The General Administrator, Sr. Herminia Álvarez also presented the General Administration Action Plan for the three years (till the next ECG in 2020), planned from the perspective of creating a new culture of management and administration of the goods that lead us to an economy that is sustainable, prophetic and in solidarity.

We have also dedicated a space of the day to share how we are living this moment of the Church from our continental realities so diverse: politically, socially and as a church. We live between hope, pain, the look of faith and the call to position ourselves on the side of victims, discarded ones and to practice justice, in each concrete situation.

The day ended with a double celebration: the Eucharist on the Feast of Jesus Christ, the king of the universe, which was carefully prepared by India. And, after the dinner, in a festive mood and intercultural sense, with the presence and participation of sisters of the two communities: of Casa Santa Joaquina and Ave María of Valladolid. We are family!
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