Lay Vedruna Meeting

Cultural Programme:  After some warn-up games & much laughter & after a simple but tasty dinner, we had a wonderfully colourful & varied cultural programme put up by each center .


Sessions: The next day we began with a warm welcome from our Provincial Sr. Rani & the L.V. Coordinator Mrs. Cynthis Andrade.

This was followed by other sessions based on:

  • Vedruna Identity & Spirituality (Sr. Maggie)
  • Chapter Document (Srs. Alangara, Rekha, Marcellina)
  •  Foundation Letter no.81 (Sr. Bonnie)


Group work:  The members then broke up into groups according to language and discussed the following questions:

  1.  What inspired you to join the Lay Vedruna?
  2. How has belonging to this group made a difference in your life?
  3. What do you carry back from this event of the Lay Vedruna Meet 2020?
  4. As a Christian, how would you respond to the current situation in the country?


 Sharing: In response to the 4th question, these are the responses that came up:

  1. The importance of prayer, trusting that God in our helplessness will show us a way out.
  2. Wait and watch before responding especially to whatsapp messages received. Don’t forward whatsapp messages that are not verified.
  3. Conscientize our people: staff, students, collaborators, people in the villages, youth, etc.
  4. Form a whatsapp group that can connect immediately witwascreatedh one another, especially in times of difficulty.
  5. Continue the good relationships we have with like-minded people, no matter the religion.

Evaluation:  In the evaluation we looked at the negative & positive aspects of the whole event. It was gently suggested not to have so much of information all at one stretch. Otherwise, the whole event was highly appreciated & the members felt they came to know more deeply what the Lay Vedruna is all about

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