Japan School Open Day
On July 27, Aitoku Gakuen High School had an open school day; an event to introduce our school programs to the elementary and junior high school students.  We gave a special class and the theme of the class is “Palm Oil”.  
 We intended to learn the background of palm oil and oil palm plantations.  Palm oil is used as an ingredient in many kinds of products.  Now Japan imports 700,000 tons of palm oil per year, which accounts for 25% of vegetable oil consumed here.   However, we do not know much about this oil because we are not aware of palm oil in daily life.
In this class, we focused on the child labor at oil palm plantations.  First, the students shared what their daily lives are like in a group.  Next, they listened to the story of a thirteen-year-old girl named Meena, who works at an oil palm plantation in Malaysia.  Then they compared their daily lives with Meena’s.  They noticed the differences between their own lives and Meena’s.  Most of the students said, “Meena works almost all day,” or “Meena doesn’t go to school.”
The students got shocked to know about “Child Labor” at plantations.  By learning about this problem, they started to think about the responsibility as a consumer.  They understood that they can try to solve this worldwide problem by changing the way of consuming.
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