UNITED STATES. The people are in shock because we have never had or imagined such an action by our institutions
The violence and harshness of the police in recent weeks has been the result of decisions made by the government in 2001 in reaction to the attacks 9-11
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Feast day wishes
General Team wishing all the sisters on the feast of St. Joaquina de Vedruna:
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Chapter Document: VFHOD
We want to inform the entire Vedruna Family that our Chapter Document XXVII – “Vedruna Family House with Open Doors” is available on our website (
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UNANIMA INTERNATIONAL. Official Statement on COVID 19 and Homeless Families
As Executive Director and United Nations representative of UNANIMA International, I am writing today to share with you our organization's statement on the impact of COVID19 on people, specifically women and children, experiencing homelessness and family
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Easter Greeting to the Vedruna Family
With joy we share our paschal greeting, with the certainty that the Lord now gives us the hope in the New Life that He offers us. Let's rejoice! Let's remain confident, we count on his presence alive and risen in our journey!
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VEDRUNA CONVIDA. A time for solidarity
A special invitation to all our VEDRUNA FAMILY for this time of pandemic
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A NOTICE from the Nuclear Communication Team
A NOTICE from the Nuclear Communication Team ABOUT THE VEDRUNA COMMUNICATION SURVEY: Looking at the current situation, we have extended the date for completing the online SURVEY to until April 20th 2020. So persons or groups who have not filled out the survey so far, can do it.
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Celebrating with the women of Diphu
Diphu is our new mission, it is only one year old, and we are trying to build a good report with the parents of our Kindergarten. This year, for the first time the women had an opportunity of being honoured with a program by their own children to greet them on Women’s Day.
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Lay Vedruna Meeting
The lay Vedruna India-met in Ahmedabad for two days (22nd & 23rd Feb. 2020) 68 members besides 10 link sisters-all together-from eight different centers of ours, (Ahmedabad, Ahwa, Bardiapada, Bhavnagar, Gandhinagar, Goa, Mumbai, Unai (Valsad) It was after 4 years that we were coming together as one big vedruna family.
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PERÚ. Amazon synod ignites hope in youth
This article is published in
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