MAGIS-Youth gathering - INDIA
Four Vedruna sisters participated in the MAGIS youth gathering at St. Peter’s Church Bandra from the 22nd to the 25th of October. Around 200 youth from all the different Jesuit Parishes of Mumbai and some from out of Mumbai participated. The youth were both working and college going.
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Celebration of St. Francis of Assisi
Taking advantage of the fact that we are in the "Time of Creation", we share the work of Sister Mabel. Joaquina and Francis are a great reference for our own spiritual journey, may they help us in these times of renewal. By Mabel Burgell, ccv
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Province of Japan-Assembly 2022
At this time of Covid in Japan, we did a lot of discernment on whether or not to ahead with the Province Assembly. As there was not other opportune time for us to have it, we decided to go ahead with the planned date and have it both online as well as in person from 24th to 26th of August.
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Joaquina's Death Anniversary
This August 28th, on the anniversary of Joaquina's death, we take the opportunity to reflect the journey that we have traveled so far. Remembering the woman who, from her faith in Jesus, dedicated her life to help the most needy.
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International Indigenous People's Day in India
On August 13, we celebrated in India, in the community of Simalwara, the International Indigenous Day. We did it with the women of our groups, we counted with the participation of more than 50 women. Sister Rehka Jon shared her views on the extinction of tribal culture and the role of women in its preservation.
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Committed to reality!
A group of sisters from India had a two-day seminar in the UNAI community. We are sisters responsible for social, pastoral and youth activities. Father Cedric Prakash, a Jesuit, social activist, shared with us the input on the socio-political scenario, the challenges of today and what should be our response.
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Initial welcome to the Mass on 07/30/2022
Today, the last day of our Spiritual Accompaniment Course, We want to celebrate in this Eucharistic Celebration, the "Vedruna Bond" that we create and strengthen among ourselves to live as DAUGHTERS and followers of Joaquina, to announce the Kingdom of God.
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The weekend has been a different time. On Saturday we got to know the way of accompanying that Saint Joaquina used and with her we followed the thread of what we had experienced during the previous days.
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VIFI 4th Encounter: Spirituality &Charism
In June 4, 2022 Younger Generation of Vedruna in the world gathered for the 4th Virtual Assembly. The encounter was blessed by Sr. Fatima Borges, CCV who gave us her reflection and experience on the Spirituality and Charism of the Congregation. Present as well our sisters from the General Team.
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Tree Plantation Drive-Unai
Pope Francis’s Encyclical ‘LAUDATO SI’ released June 2019 expressed concern of human habits leading to a fast degradation of the Environment.
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