Virtual and free course on synodality
In the month of June, we joyfully participated in the III Colloquium Women in a Synodal Church: Patrizia Morgante was our speaker. Synodal Church: Patrizia Morgante was our speaker. We also enjoyed the participation of the different continents and their synodal experiences. (
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The "soul" of the United Nations
Jean Quinn, its vibrant and lively executive director, is a Daughter of Wisdom. She lives in Ireland. She was talking about what Unanima wants to be at the UN. Nothing less than the "soul" of this world organization.
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LIMA PERU. Creative and enterprising women facing reality
This path undertaken continues, because we want to change the color of the EARTHY hill IN AT LEAST GREEN SPOTS
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From Zaragoza, Spain we continue to demand the right for migrants
They will not move us! Neither the cold could, nor now, the heat has prevented us from uniting to ask for and demand the "right to emigrate"!
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PERU. In La Selva we are also committed to Vedruna LS
"It is very noble to assume the duty of caring for creation with small daily actions, and it is wonderful that education is capable of motivating all to form a lifestyle."LS 211
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Third colloquium on women in the Church and in society
Attention, it is being recorded! So we were on Saturday, June 11, at 12:30 a.m., ready to begin the third colloquium on women in the Church and in society. Little by little the number of connections increased. We reached 133, some of them in the community.
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COLOMBIA-THE OASIS. Defending and recreating life through art…
In the Vedruna Training Center of the Oasis of Bogotá, we have taken the pick and the shovel to support with our small forces and possibilities the company of defending the earth.
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