North East Regional Assembly-India
The Vedruna Sisters of North East had their Regional Assembly on the 27th and 28th of December. The assembly began with a well prepared prayer and the Holy Eucharist followed by the inaugural ceremony.
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Meeting of GT/ Provincials and Delegation Teams 7th and last day of the Meeting
We reached the last day of our meeting, reflection, work and dialogues. It has been a very intense week, but it passed so quickly.
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Meeting of General Team, Provincial / Delegation Team: 5th and 6th day
The prayer was conducted by the sisters of Philippine delegation on Global warming. Through a video, they put us in tune with the whole creation and invited us for a greater commitment to the Planet.
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Meeting of General Team, Provincial / Delegation Team in Valladolid
On the days, November 22nd and 23rd, the objective of the Meeting was focused on training. We learned together about Appreciative Leadership. Miriam Subirana, of IDeIA (Institute of Dialogues and Appreciative Inquiry), facilitated the learning of a leadership based on appreciation, discovery and bringing out the potential that is inside each one of us, of the others, of the groups and of the situations. In a very dynamic way and from the learning by doing, we dedicated time to share and to dialogue: personal as well as in groups through the Appreciative Inquiry.
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Meeting of the Provincials/Delegation Team
The meeting of the provincial/delegation teams from four Continents with the General Team, started on the 20th evening in Valladolid with the theme of interweaving the life of our Vedruna family. Sr. Maria Gracia Gill, the provincial of Europe, along with her team welcomed the participants warmly and compared this gathering to the journey of the kings of the orient; they, persons from different places, discovered a star and set off to follow it. So we, who have gathered here, also look for a way, willing to live the same experience.
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