Deep Darshan School Awareness week
A group of nurses from the Ahwa Civil hospital visited our School on the 6th of January to conduct a vaccination drive for the students in the age group of 15 years and above. Before really vaccinating them, they were explained about its benefits. A total of 437 students were vaccinated.
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Formation in Vedruna Charism: Seminars for Vedruna educators in India
According to a survey sent by the educators and according to what is expressed in Chapter Resolution number 8 of the Chapter Document - Vedruna Family House with open doors - we had seminar for the Vedruna educators on our Charism given by Sr. Fatima Borges.
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With a feeling of fraternity, union and the feeling of the Vedruna Family, the EEGLV thanks all the participants of this second Intercontinental Assembly for all that we have shared, listened, prayed and reflected together.
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Gathering of Vedruna Friends
St. Joaquina’s letters written to her family were translated in Gujarati. The purpose of translating these letters was so that our Gujarati speaking Vedruna friends can also benefit from the beautiful letters of our Foundress.
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Meeting of the Sisters of the younger generation
On October 2nd, the third meeting of the younger generation sisters took place, virtually, where we had more than 87 connections, many sisters had connection as communities. Thesisters who were translating, the sisters of the general team who accompany us on this journey, were also present and gave their precious service.
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Meeting of general communication team in Rome
The general communication team met from September 27 to October 4. It was the second face-to-face meeting since the formation of the team, since the Covid prevented us from meeting earlier.
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VEDRUNAMÉRICA-VEDRUNA. Voice-listening to the cry of the earth and saying no to the destruction of natural and human life by mining ACTIVITY
The Congregation HH Carmelitas de la Caridad, VedrunAmérica Province stands in solidarity with the Mother-Earth, our Common House
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VEDRUNAMERICA. Reflection for this time of Creation
In this time of universal prayer for Creation, as a Congregation, we commit ourselves to pray, sensitize and act in favor of life in all its dimensions.
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Final Profession
On 7th of April 2021, eight sisters of Carmelite Sisters of Charity – Vedruna, professed their Final Commitment to the Lord in St. Xavier’s Church Navarangpura. The theme chosen by the sisters was “Called to rekindle the embers of the hearth.”
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