With a feeling of fraternity, union and the feeling of the Vedruna Family, the EEGLV thanks all the participants of this second Intercontinental Assembly for all that we have shared, listened, prayed and reflected together.
It has been three days where we shared the life and journey of the lay communities together with the sisters.
The EEGLV and the working commissions have wanted to transmit in a clear, simple and transparent way the reflection and voice of all the lay men and women who together we want to continue widening spaces for the construction of the Kingdom, to follow our God, through the service of our most needy brothers and sisters.
Our Intercontinental Assembly began with a greeting from the General Coordination summoning us as Vedruna laity to participate in this Assembly, feeling that we are the people of God who are going forth, to bring the joy of the Gospel to all, as Pope Francis tells us. We are all invited to continue living immersed in our world, in the reality wherever we live.
The secong Intercontinental Assembly began with the personal question of what does it mean for a lay Vedruna to be the Bread, the Shared Bread? Sebastián Mora Rosado, accompanied us and gave us his vision and experience, from a call to be in the world and for the world. With a heart that sees the world in which we live, with the knowledge of what a throwaway culture means, in a digital swarm in which we are immersed and from a position "without an inside". He encouraged us to be Christians in a world where commitment must emerge, from a relationship and connection in community.
We have been able to move forward together as an Association, going through our project for this four-year period, approving our Formative Itinerary document, sharing our journey together with the sisters, presenting proposals to continue moving forward and welcoming the new General Liaison Team.
A moment of great joy was the presentation of the journey of the groups in the Asian continent. Cynthia Andrade, the coordinator of the laity in India, gave an emotional presentation, telling us all about the shared life and mission of the laity and sisters in that continent. Grateful, we will continue united to advance in our relationship and knowledge, in taking steps in the bonding and Identity as Vedruna Family.
We ended the second Intercontinental Assembly with the gratitude to all the team that at this moment ends its service in the General Team and in the Coordination. We are grateful for all that we have lived and shared during these years. We are grateful for the welcome of lay people and sisters and we share in the reflection towards a near future that is presented to us with challenges, dreams, illusions, commitments and fraternity.
We welcome the new members of the General Link Team: Diogenes, Alberto, Charo and Gonzalo.
An embrace to one and all and Jesus invites us to be the Bread that is Shared. When it is shared, there is Bread for all! Mamen R. Barrena
General Coordinator