Greetings of GT - February 26, 2021
Rome, February 26, 2021 Letter to the Vedruna Family

Let us open our hearts to the Spirit of God, who can do all things and we will undertake what He wants.
Trust, with Jesus and having Jesus, all else is superfluous (L 80).
With special gratitude we celebrate the 195th anniversary of the beginning of the Work of Joaquina together with those young women who aspired to offer their lives to God, serving, taking care of and accompanying the needy persons of that society. Especially the girls, the sick, less privileged and the wounded of her time.
Gratitude that provokes in our lives gratefulness, compassion and cooperation. We see it very opportune to re-read the dimension of health in our Charism, as integral care. In this time of Pandemic we are becoming more aware of the importance of exercising it at personal, community and social level and also of our Mother Earth.
The journey of the Pandemic is an experience of suffering, of desert that inspires inner transformation, that is what it is all about. It is a time of trial that provokes us to listen to the Word in silence: Let yourselves be converted by God. It began last year in Lent and we continue this year. Apparently it is necessary to generate changes that are not possible in short periods of time. God accompanies his people and with Him we move forward.
The vaccine, the product of the enormous effort of so many people for the good of humanity, is now within the reach of the majority of people. It is a light in the midst of darkness. We trust that changes will also take place at the economic and social level. We are glimpsing a horizon of hope.
This anniversary is a call to recreate the Charism in the present situation. We are invited to move from the fear that isolates us to a relationship of trust in God and with others, this is conversion. As we prepare for the celebration of the EGC we are going up with Jesus to Jerusalem to the celebration of Easter.

A big hug with joy and peace in our hearts.