Formation in Vedruna Charism: Seminars for Vedruna educators in India
Formation in Vedruna Charism: Seminars for Vedruna educators in India
According to a survey sent by the educators and according to what is expressed in Chapter Resolution number 8 of the Chapter Document - Vedruna Family House with open doors - we had seminar for the Vedruna educators on our Charism given by Sr. Fatima Borges.
We the Sisters and teachers from the following Vedruna Schools of India participated in the seminar:
1.Carmel Ashish, Adkur; 2. Fatima Convent Primary School; 3. Fatima Convent Public School, Merubaug; 4. Fatima Convent High School Merubaug; 5. St. Mary's School, Ghogha; 6. Asha Kiran English and gujarati Medium Schools, Sanand; 7. Deep Darshan English and gujarati Medium Schools, Ahwa and 8. Vidya Kiran English and gujarati Schools Unai. The total participants were 225.
The seminar was divided into three parts:
1. Origin and definition of the word "Charism".
2. The Charism of Consecrated Life.
3. Relationship between Charism and Vedruna educators: Life of St. Joaquina and her Charism.
Sr. Fatima Borges began by explaining the origin of the word, “Charism”: gift, quality. And we all have it. It is a gift from God and we can use it for good or for evil. First of all we need to use it for our own development.
The Charism, the gift, by living it in our daily life, it becomes our way of life and gives us an identity.
She also spoke about the life of Joaquina and her charism and how the first sisters lived it. Today, this charism comes down to us as a legacy. She explained to us with easy examples from other religions, and so it was easier for us to understand it.
The last session was: Relationship between Vedruna Charism, educators and our Vedruna Centres.
We understood that from the moment of our appointment in the Vedruna Educational Centre, each educator received a new identity: "Vedruna Educator" and it is what makes us belong to the great Vedruna Family, and we can be sure that we are not alone.
We are, therefore, responsible to keep this Charism alive by nourishing it and sharing it with parents and students. It is about knowing, living and sharing the education, according to the pedagogy of Joaquina, living the values of Jesus, being educators of people who walk towards a more just society.
This seminar was based on the whole chapter document, and we were invited to read, above all, the first chapter, which speaks of three treasures: God, our Vedruna Family and Our Mother Earth.
It has given us a new understanding of our belonging. And as Sr. Fatima was speaking in English and Guajarati, it gave us the opportunity to communicate freely, without the language barrier. The seminar was more effective, comprehensive and interactive.
We appreciate the use of power points as a methodology and the sharing of her personal experiences.
Finally, we want to thank our sister General Maria Inés and her team for giving us the opportunity to get to know the Vedruna charism.
Josephine Lobo and Sr. Michaela