Drug Abuse prevention awareness
Don Bosco College (Autonomous) Maram has launched a ‘Drug Abuse Prevention Programme’ to impart awareness on ‘Preventions on Drug abuse’ among the youth of Maram and nearby villages from 15-18, March 2021. Drug addiction has become a global concern, especially among the youth. Many young people become dependent on different types substances and stimulating medicines that comes hand-in-hand with narcotic effect. The life of addicts become spoiled in all aspects, as they lose contact with their family and live in a different world. With the aim to prevent the youth from the harmful effects of drugs, the students of the college put up a street play with the theme “War on drugs” under the leadership of Sr. Sweta William CCV. Prior to the street play more than 3000 students of the college joined in the Mega Rally extending our support to our Chief Minister Shri Biren Singh on ‘War on drugs’ to prevent cross-border drug trafficking and rooting of large-scale opium cultivation in the state. Through the street play, the students have tried to portray the traumatic life of a drug addict and the emotionally shattering experience the family of an addict has to go through. The idea is to dissuade impressionable youth from the fake glamour of drugs culture. The Drug prevention programmes aims at the people who have already tried drugs or who are considered ‘at-risk’ youth. The students performed street play on the roadside and all market places.