Deep Darshan School Awareness week
A group of nurses from the Ahwa Civil hospital visited our School on the 6th of January to conduct a vaccination drive for the students in the age group of 15 years and above. Before really vaccinating them, they were explained abouts its benefits. A total of 437 students were vaccinated.
On 7th January, a team from Swami Vivekananda trust, Vansda visited our school the aim of educating the students on good hygiene.
The boys and girls were separated and made to be seated in different rooms and each group was given the seminar separately so that they have no inhibition in talking or asking questions. The instructors too were males for the boys and gemales for the girls, making it more comfortable for interaction. The students were shown different video clips on how to keep onself clean and safe from infections and diseases. There were many posters displayed to educate the students about various topics of sex, health and hygiene.
We continued our awareness program on the 8th January, when from the 6th battalion of disaster force, Baroda came and conducted a seminar for the students. They had come with various things that were to be used during a disaster. They dealt with many safety measures to be taken during a disaster. The disasters like accidents, fire, flood, heart attack etc. how we must behave and what we do in order to save many lives and oneself. They demonstrated how action should be taken in different situations of disaster.
Youth activity
There was a gathering of all the South Gujarat youth conducted by Gujarat Jesuits youth ministry. It was a cultural competition in which each centre presented the cultural dance of their place. Srs. Smita, Ila and Sureka along with 20 students and the boarding in-charges attended the program. Our students performed the Dangi dance. Our Ahwa boarding stood second and received cash prize trophy and gifts.