Celebration and joy
The gathering began by invoking the name of God through a prayer dance, followed by the lighting of the lamp. All the participants were widows and each was welcomed with a flower. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Sushilaben Prajapati. She had an interactive session with the participants wherein she shared her personal experience of working with women in different parts of Gujarat. She focused on the struggles and challenges of widows and single women in the Indian society. She also highlighted a few constitutional rights that would be beneficial to the women. She encouraged all women to come out from the oppressing belief systems of our society. Srs. Sangita and Jacinta appreciated the women for the great role that they play in bringing up their families. Our Cooperative women had put up a skit and composed a song depicting the belief system of our society, and how we can be alter of what is happening in it. It was a day of togetherness, joy, and laughter.
On 10th of December, we celebrated the Senior Citizens’ Day. Twenty-five men and women from our catholic villages participated in it. The program began with a prayer dance by our cooperative women. All the senior citizens were welcomed with flowers. Sr. Sangita thanked the senior citizens for making a great contribution in the faith formation of their children. Their presence in the family was appreciated and they were encouraged to continue imparting good values to their children and grandchildren.