Celebrating Women's Day
The theme of the day was ‘Adivasi Lokotsav – Women: protectors of Creation’. The participants were all from Women’s Credit Cooperatives. 39 Credit Cooperatives are part of this platform with above Eight thousand members, from 17 Districts and 31 Talukas. These Credit Cooperatives are of Tribals, Scheduled Cast, Muslims, and Other Backward Classes.
The program began with a traditional Tribal welcome dance in procession carrying pots on their heads. All the promoters and the presidents of the cooperatives were welcomed and felicitated with a rose. The chief guest of the day was Mrs. Rekha Chowdri, a member of PESA committee. She motivated the women through her own story. The especial guest of the day was Sr. Rekha Mahida CCV. She in her speech placed the examples of great Indian women who showed a way how to rise up.
The women of each group displayed tribal dances that depicted their culture.
Women coming together in such large numbers is a great motivation for all of us who are working with them. We can see the fruit of all the effort that is being put into formation the women. The real and strength and capacity of a woman is seen when they come for such gatherings.

You can watch the tribal dance by clicking of the link: