General Chapter XXVII
GENERAL CHAPTER XXVII – Vic, 20 August 2017. Closing of the Chapter
It seemed like it was never going to arrive and here we are sending you the last updates of this Chapter.
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GENERAL CHAPTER XXVII. Vic 19 August 2017. Stage of Decisions
We finished the day of taking decisions, and we think we did it with efficacy.
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GENERAL CHAPTER XXVII – Vic 18 August 2017. Decisions Stage
We continue with our effort of giving shape to the Chapter Document and…..we think that we are getting it.
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GENERAL CHAPTER XXVII – Vic, 17th Aug. 2017. Stage of Decisions
A few details are missing for our Document to be completed. In spite of that we have begun the following stage: that of decisions, which we do simultaneously together with the work of finalizing the Chapter Document.
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GENERAL CHAPTER XXVII – Vic 16 Aug. 2017. Elaboration of the Chapter Document
They say it’s better to go slow and sure than fast and with errors. So we, who always listen to good advice and try to fulfil it, go slow... and sure that on the appropriate date everything will be done.
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